Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Technology in today's world.

Twelve years ago, I couldn't understand why all my friends had pagers and thought they were so cool. Then seven years ago, I became a broadcaster and realized I needed a cell phone for my job, but still didn't understand why. Now today, as I write to you, I am not sitting in the comfortability of my own home. I am actually on the road to Santa Barbara on our FPU Sunbird team bus. I am not even typing this on my lap top or computer. I am doing all this on my iPhone. In fact I must admit it's hard for me to live without my iPhone. I have a gps on my phone, I can check my facebook and twitter page on here. I can talk to people without calling them, thanks to texting. A lot of my friends don't even have land lines anymore because of this. You can pay your bills online, buy tickets, to sporting events or even movies. Shoot you don't even need to leave your home now-a-days because of all the technology we have. And trust me, I'm not saying that is a good thing. But what I am saying is that technology has evolved in so many ways throughout my lifetime. It is hard to even understand sometime how we got by without all this, but we did. So Coach's RULE of the day is, "don't be afraid of technology, embrace it. Play with it, see what you might discover. Because you never know, you might actually realize it is better than what you had before."

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  1. Thats funny I just posted about the IPhone. I have an account with Verizon and the IPhone becomes available in Feb. I am torn between getting it and not????? I stated in my post "I'm trying to simplify and everyone else is trying to multi-task" I think you convinced me! GPS, Pay Bills, FPU work...I guess simplifying will have to wait.