Thursday, January 27, 2011

KIN 710 Week 3 Homework Assignment

In the past few years, I have come to notice that I can't live without a lot of things. It's sad, but I look back and don't realize how I ever lived without a cell phone, the internet, cable tv with channels upon channels. Growing up I had regular attenae television, only a house phone, and I still typed on a typewriter.

Now, I can not only blog, tweet, check my facebook, as well as the internet and e-mail on my phone or computer. But now because of all these creative apps for everything, I can even tell my cable box at home to record a program by using my phone......I can't believe it, I don't even have to be home to record a program anymore.

For my assignment this week, I had to set up a bloglines account and add some news and twitter feeds to it. After playing with the bloglines account, it is actually a great internet site and tool to use. Because of adding all the different feeds, I can just go to this one account and check up on news and information from around the world, as well as friends, and classmates, rather than exploring all different sites.

Next I had to check out I have to admit this website was awesome. I really liked that it had templates for budget spreadsheets, calendars, statistics information. Basically everything a coach is always going to need at some point in his/her career.

I also had to explore web 2.0 and their award winning sites. A lot of these sights I already use, like twitter, facebook, and the one I love the most google maps. I am such a map freak, I am constantly looking at google maps even if I am not going anywhere, simply so that I can see what things looks like in other cities, towns, and countries.

So, over all a lot of the things that we have explored in this class have not only been fun and entertaining, but I really see me putting a lot of this stuff to use as my career matures.

My Coach's RULE of the day is that technology is a lot like life. You may be scared to do things at times, but the more you experience and try, the more comfortable and relaxed you get. And then next thing you know it starts to come easy to you and is not as scary as you thought it would be.


  1. Coach Rule,

    You made me reflect on how different things were when I grew up in the 1980's. It is hard to believe we functioned without all of this new technology. Like you have mentioned, it really has changed our lives in a lot of good ways. I think it can save us a time and help us be more efficient with tasks.

    I agree that the blogslines account RSS feeder is a great tool. I was one of these people constantly typing in my websites or scrolling through my favorites tabs. I wish I had known about the RSS aggregators because it really puts all of my favorite sites and news in one easy to use location. It will really saves us time and make our online experience more enjoyable.

    I will have to start exploring google maps. I haven't used it really. It sounds like it is a useful site. Your rule of the day is true. Sometimes this new technology is intimidating for me because I am usually slow to embrace all of the new tech tools. However, as I try each new technology we are learning in these courses, it is opening me up to their utility and making me more comfortable with them. So your rule is right on, to just get out there and experience things and give them a try.

  2. I agree that being scared sometimes causes me to shy away from trying new technology. I'm really glad I've been exploring blogs, blog readers, and new, easily accessible technology that almost everyone's utilizing nowadays.