Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My photo from flickr

I tagged this specific photo as the one for the assignment, because it was part of my road trip that I did this past summer. My wife and I went up to Portland and back down the coast and while doing so came across a tree you can drive your car through. Well, I should say most cars, many large SUVs had issues....FYI. But this pic is of me standing in the center of a tree that had fallen over many many years ago. I hope you enjoy.


  1. The picture is cool! Where is the tree? Is it in the redwoods or in Oregon? I know on one of my families road trips we went to the redwoods and saw a tree that you could drive through and shortly there after we had an over abundance of rain and it fell over! So i was curious if it was the same one.

  2. Yeah this was in the Redwoods, just north of Eureka, California. It was a tree in the parking lot of the "drive thru tree".