Thursday, February 17, 2011

KIN 710 Week 6 Homework Assignment

Well this weeks work was quite interesting for the simple fact that the website we use to check our courses and homework assignments crashed and didn't get up and running again until earlier today. However, I was still able to go on finally and see what homework had to be done this week for my classes. The paper for my other class I shall do later, but the assignment for this week in my kinesiology technology class is as follows......

This week we learned about professional networking and setting up professional portfolios. We had to set up a linkedIn account as well as a Plaxo account. Both of these sites are about professional networking. I've actually had a linkedIn account for a few years now but I this was my first time setting up a Plaxo account. I really have enjoyed linkedIn over time finding old as well as current colleagues and getting to see what they are doing know and even meeting people through their site that might help me in my future. These sites really help you to network with out having to do too much foot work. Meaning, normally you call a former colleague and say hello and tell them that you have heard that they are working for "so and so" and that you were wondering if they could pass your info on to them or if by any chance you could get "so and so's" information so that you can contact them. In this case you don't have to do all that running around. You just look up your friends site, see if there is someone of interests to you, send an email saying you'd like to meet them and wallah there you are now connected to someone that you feel can get you to the next level in your career. Both these sites have also taken on the whole facebook, myspace style with that they have it where you can update your status for the day and let people know how you are doing or feeling and so on. The other thing is the sites allow you to contact to things like this blog or twitter or even facebook pages that you have so that future or current employers, colleagues, etc. can see what you are all about. Now with everything on the world wide web, you must becareful of what you share and don't share. You never know when you might make a comment that you are later going to regret. For example a current San Diego Padre baseball player made a tweet saying they didn't like Panda Express because it made them sick and told people to never eat there. Well what he didn't know is that one of his team owners is also a part owner of Panda Express. So guess what, someone finally told him what he did wrong and he erased the tweet and then put up a new tweet about how great Panda Express is. So again, always be careful of what you write or say on your blogs, twitter, facebook, or any other social network you have because you never know who might be reading it.

Another part of our assignment was to to create a professional portfolio or website basically. Here is the link to mine......

Now for my Coach's RULE of the day, "You can't help the unexpected. You never know when something may or may not work when you want it to, or how you want it to. So be flexible and open minded and don't sweat the little things. If something goes wrong or doesn't pan out the way you had wanted or hoped, it's not the end of the world. Remember to just breath, relax, and soon you will be back on track."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

KIN 710 Week 5 Homework Assignment

For this weeks assignment we had to play around with image generators as well as a website called library thing, where you can find books that you have read and see who else has read them as well. But we'll discuss more of that later. For now, this weeks assignment, even though was less demanding by means of how much work to do, seemed a lot harder for me, because of being sick. I've been sick since Monday. In fact I haven't gone to one practice this week and as we speak my women's basketball team is playing Concordia University while I sit here drained and tired doing my homework, because their is no time like the present.

Anywho, the first assignment was to play around with a website that dealt with image generators. Basically it gives you different images that you can play around with and see what you can do with them. This is the one the I decided to do....... - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

The reason why I chose this image. Is because it reminds me of my wife's and my save the date card. We went to Santa Cruz and drew our initials in the sand and the wedding date. It was quite romantic to us and we have always loved that area in Santa Cruz and Monterey. Plus with this icon, the waves keep coming and washing our initials away but then they keep appearing. And it shows how deep our love for one another goes. That no matter what tries to ruin it or change it, we will always hold strong.

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff. The next website to view was the Library Thing. This was cool, in the fact that I could just type in any book that I have read, and the cover and author and everything just pops up. In fact one of the books, I accidentally got the title wrong and the website was still able to find it. The other cool thing about it was that it had reviews from other people that have read the book. So, not only could you see who else has read the book, but you can also compare notes as to what they thought about it compared to what you thought about it. Another thing I noticed is sometimes, there are different covers for the books. Like my Yogi Berra book had one cover when I added it to my catalog. But then I was able to change it to the cover that I actually own. Here is the link to my book catalog......

So as always, let me leave you with my Coach's RULE of the day......"No matter how bad or hard you want something. If you are not up to doing it or if you are feeling sick. Take it easy. People will understand. And it is always better to take a few days off and rest/relax and not get other people sick, then to be the outbreak monkey and have everyone blaming you for getting sick."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

KIN 710 Week 4 Homework Assignment

The first thing we had to do for my kinesiology class what to look up website called delicious. It's a website where you can bookmark links of websites rather just bookmarking them on your web browser. It was an ok website. I don't know if I'd really want everyone or anyone seeing what I am bookmarking. I'm sure it would be a great tool for a classroom or even for coaching to find something to show my athletes quickly, but I just don't think the website is for me.

The next website to research was technorati. Now this one, I really had a hard time navigating. We were to put Kinesiology in the search menu and see what came, but it kept telling me there were no links to my search. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong, but I really didn't find it useful.

Then we had to research youtube. I LOVE youtube. I used to have a video on their but we eventually deleted them. The video I posted to my blog is of dance revolution. It's a guy that does different dances to different songs. One of my friends originally sent me this link, saying that he reminded her of me. He is very talented, so I will take that as a compliment. I have and will continue to use youtube in my coaching and teaching career. In fact one of my athletes father has put up a video of all her highlights so far this year at FPU. So that goes to show that people of all ages use youtube.

Finally we had to look up podcasts and see how they helped or related to our field. I like hearing about different drills not just reading about them. So I found podcasts to really help me there. I found some great drills that deal with conditioning, which as a coach I love. Reading drills sometimes is tiring and I can get really bored doing it. But listening to someone actually explain the drills really helps to keep focus. Plus this could help me with my coaching, because I could just have my athletes listen to the podcast rather than having me re-explain it to them.

So my Coach's RULE of the day is, "sometimes we say too much and we end up putting our foot in our mouth. When you find that happens, just make sure you've taken a shower before and always admit when you made a mistake."

You Tube Video

A lot of my friends say he reminds them of me, since I like to dance a lot.