Monday, May 16, 2011

San Jose State Spartans vs. Cal State Spartans

In a recent article on the website entitled, "Is It Time for San Jose St. to Consider a Name Change to California St?" The writer Matt Peloquin brought up some great remarks and views about this particular question. Here is my answer to the question that was the title of this article............

I am a 2004 graduate of San Jose State University (SJSU). As much as I love saying SJSU or San Jose State. Even when I was a student I always wondered why we didn't go by California State University or Cal State. My father was a graduate of Cal, and even though a lot of people consider them UC-Berkeley, they are still very well recognized at Cal or California. They were the first in the UC system, just like San Jose State was the first in the Cal State system.

I can see where a lot of us would not like our school to be referred to as Cal State San Jose or even worse CSU-San Jose. But from reading the article as well as my own beliefs I do feel that our alma matter should be referred to California State University or Cal State plain and simple. If you look up and down the coast and beyond almost every state has a University of and a State University. And they refer to them for example as Washington and Washington State. Oregon and Oregon State. Even Wisconsin who doesn't have a Wisconsin State does have a University of Wisconsin even thought they have more campuses in the system other than the one that is most recognized from Madison.

So with that, here is my Coach's RULE of the day.....Why can't we have a California State University to go a long with our University of California? Especially when there are more than one UC schools but the one that counts is the first one from Berkeley referred to simply as Cal. So with having many schools in the CSU system, why not do the same and only have the one that counts be the very first one being the one in San Jose and simply refer to it as California State or just Cal State. I think I can say it..........

Let's go Cal State Spartans!!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Enough already...for all you hatters out there.

I've HAD enough. I normally don't discuss politics because it's a lose-lose situation. However, I am done.........All of you calling out Obama saying that it wasn't him that shot Bin Laden, you are right it wasn't him. BUT he was the one that gave the OK to go do it. Plus can I remind everyone that Clinton originally made orders to find Bin Landed and never did. G-Dub when he was in office had the shit hit the fan and instead of finding Bin Laden he went after Saddam Hussein. You know what, Bin Laden was finally found and is living in eternity. I would like to ask all Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Tea Party, etc. stop battle amongst each other and let's remember that WE are all Americans!!!! If we would stop all the bickering and whining about this party says this and that person did that.......maybe we would get some things figured out and done. Like a better educational system where our teachers are valued instead of faulted for it all. A health care system where EVERYONE wouldn't have to worry if they are going to die, just because they have a little cough but can't afford to go to the doctor. We are always talking about peace, but we don't even have it in our own backyards. It starts at home and with small steps people. I'll get off my soap box after Coach's RULE of the day is.......start living life happier and more peaceful. When you are upset, take a breath and relax before you do something stupid. But most of all, start caring for one another rather than worrying about your neighbor. Peace, I'm out!!!!