Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Article Reading Assignment for KIN710

Hello Everyone,

This week, really won't be a so called RULE of the day/week. Instead I had to read three articles for my Kinesiology class and then write a blog about them. So here it goes..........

The first article I read was "Social Networking" by Alfred C. Weaver and Benjamin B. Morrison of the University of Virginia. I found this article to be quite amusing since I have been active in social networking for the past five years. I originally got started with having a myspace account and then I did some youtube stuff and now I am very active with facebook and now this blog thanks to this class. What is really interesting is how social networks change as time goes on. I mean back in 2005 when I started on myspace, that was the "thing". As the years went on more and more of my friends and people around me started going to facebook and now I have too. In fact I don't even remember the last time I actually checked my myspace page, sorry Tom.

The second article I read was "Web, Library, and Teen Services 2.0" by Kimberly Bolan, Meg Canada, and Rob Cullin. One thing I like about this article was the way it was broken down. I'm not very big on reading and reading and reading and reading, even though I am making all of you do this now. But I really like the box of examples of Web 2.0 in the Library. All this time I've been using wikipedia or I should say wikis, social networking sites, like I discussed above, and blogs and didn't even realize that it had a main title. Web 2.0 I thought was just some jargin and it is but now because of this article I now know that it refers to on the content and things on the web like I said before, wikis, social networks, blogs, photosharing sites, even RSS, which I didn't know what just an acronym for Really Simple Syndication until this article meaning that it refers to all the news sources on the web.

The third and final article that I would like to discuss today is an "Editorial: Examining Social Software in Teacher Education" by Richard E. Ferdig from the University of Florida. It discusses ways that social software can be used in the classroom. Meaning that is doesn't only discuss how you can use blogging or facebook like we are doing in this class. But also how video games, PDA's, and other devices can be used. I find it interesting that they discussed video games especially since a while back they came out with video games that were supposed to help you with thinking and memorizing. I found it to be quite amusing and the students that I taught at the time enjoyed it to. I found that some online learning tools as well as video games could be a great way to award a student who has finished their work in a timely manner while waiting for the other students. Or maybe just have a fun day that could be learning at the same time. Like with my athletes I find that giving them so called day off from the regular practice plan and maybe just getting together and having fun still helps them think and move around because we will play with the Wii or even some of these dance games that are out on the xbox and other playing devices.

So over all, these articles had some great points and intriguing discussing topics. I sure hope that my blog about that has been as entertaining as I found some of these articles to be. Feel free to read it and enjoy. And you know what, I just can't leave this blog without having my Coach's RULE of the day, "Open your mind, let new things in on a constant. For one day you never know, you might need some of that knowledge that you took for granted at that moment."


  1. I too found it interesting that they discussed video games. I can remember when I was a child every parent and teacher was against video games and everything they are about. But now those kids who were the first generation of "gamers" are now adults and they are working to integrate video games, computers and virtual education into their curriculums! Integrating these technologies into curriculums is long over do.

  2. Video games can be a great learning tool. Several years ago I bought one Dance-Dance Revolution machine for the Phyical Education department. The students loved it, they would wait in line to just get a chance. The students would finish and be full of sweat, but I only had one!

    I think the toughest thing is picking software or hardware that you make available to all your students. I have seen many schools whose PE department have fantastic websites, where studetns can download homework, email teachers, get updates, etc. But at my school thats not realistic because not all of my students have access to the Internet or a computer. And with the state being short on cash makes things even tougher.

  3. Coach Rule

    As I read these articles I found it very interesting as well to find out these softwares had actual definitions to them. I was unaware that a blog was short for web log and wiki came from the Hawaiian term for quick. Finding out this information is good to know I think because it gives me an idea what the software is used for. I agree with you on the fast pace change of the social networks. I do recall Myspace being the "cool" thing to be apart of and now it is Facebook. Once I'm done typing this post I will not be surprised if there is a new software out! It takes work to keep up. While I was reading your last comments about Examining Social Softwares, i wanted to commend you on your choice to implement days away from your sport to do an activity that may have nothing to do with your sport. Many times as coaches we forget that we need to make sure are athletes are having, or else they may forget why they are devoting so much time.

  4. Coach Rule
    I love your rule of the day! I was leary about reading the articles and also was quite surprised as to how interesting they were. I also used to have a myspace but as many others have done I have migrated to facebook. It would be great to be at a school that software would be embraced for the PE department, but I dont see that happening any time soon.....

  5. Coach Rule,

    After reading your post I am glad I am not the only person who didn't know what Web 2.0 actually means. I learned some more about the 2.0 technology and the lingo. I feel I need to stay current or I will be one of these adults who isn't in tune with the new wave of technology. I agree with you in regard to the utilizing the Social software for our students in a way that can be fun and release them from the normal routine in the classroom or athletic arena. By the way I like your Coach's Rule of the day. As you compile them on here you should think about creating a compilation into an online book or something. The one from this post "Open your mind, let things in on a constant. For one day you may never know, you might need some of that knowledge that you took for granted at that moment." I jotted that down on paper to reflect on. It is very true for adults to apply to their life as well as our students.