Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Enough already...for all you hatters out there.

I've HAD enough. I normally don't discuss politics because it's a lose-lose situation. However, I am done.........All of you calling out Obama saying that it wasn't him that shot Bin Laden, you are right it wasn't him. BUT he was the one that gave the OK to go do it. Plus can I remind everyone that Clinton originally made orders to find Bin Landed and never did. G-Dub when he was in office had the shit hit the fan and instead of finding Bin Laden he went after Saddam Hussein. You know what, Bin Laden was finally found and is living in eternity. I would like to ask all Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Tea Party, etc. stop battle amongst each other and let's remember that WE are all Americans!!!! If we would stop all the bickering and whining about this party says this and that person did that.......maybe we would get some things figured out and done. Like a better educational system where our teachers are valued instead of faulted for it all. A health care system where EVERYONE wouldn't have to worry if they are going to die, just because they have a little cough but can't afford to go to the doctor. We are always talking about peace, but we don't even have it in our own backyards. It starts at home and with small steps people. I'll get off my soap box after this........my Coach's RULE of the day is.......start living life happier and more peaceful. When you are upset, take a breath and relax before you do something stupid. But most of all, start caring for one another rather than worrying about your neighbor. Peace, I'm out!!!!

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